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Democrat Party in Chaos

Posted by Sal on January 29, 2008

Much has been written on this page and others about the state of the Republican party, but little attention is being paid to the possible crumbling of the Democrat coalition that has kept the Democrat Party in contention for the past 30 years.  She Who Must Not Be Named and her supporters have done more to potentially destroy the Democrat coalition than anyone else in recent memory. 

First, SWMNBN and her husband have pushed racial politics into the forefront of first presidential race where an African American actually has a shot at getting a nomination of a major party.  SWMNBN and her husband are trying to pit one minorty (blacks) against another (Hispanics).  Meanwhile, the National Organization for Women (NOW), a supporter of SWMNBN, is accusing anyone who attacks her as engaging in a “psychological gang-bang“.  In addition, they accused Ted Kennedy of betraying woman with his support of Obama (funny how they never felt that he betrayed women before). 

It is clear that the factions that make up the Democrat party are unraveling and at war with each other.  If SWMNBN gets the nomination (shudder), she would be smart to try to heal the work she has done by choosing Obama as her running mate.  However, that in and of itself is not a sure thing.  Obama may refuse, and the coalition may still be torn.  Whatever the problems of Republicans right now, Democrats have their own, and they may be worse. 

2 Responses to “Democrat Party in Chaos”

  1. Chris said

    The Swimmer betraying women for the first time??? Hmm…

    Nothing new in the Democrats playing racial politics. They have been doing this for years in Newark, NJ. The North Ward of Newark is majority Hispanic while the rest of Newark (except for the Portuguese and Brazilian “Ironbound”) is majority African-American. They have been playing one against the other there for years and it has resulted in some pretty nasty incidents within the Hispanic majority high school as well as within areas of the North Ward…especially during the past two mayoral elections. What we saw played out on Street Fight , we are now seeing on a national level.

  2. Mike said

    “smart to try” Obama? Try “she would have no choice.”

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