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Rudy Endorses McCain

Posted by Ryan on January 30, 2008

… and after Mitt’s loss last night I threw up a little in my mouth witnessing the endorsement take place in front of the words “Ronald Reagan.” 

This gives McCain some momentum going into tonight’s debate and with last night’s victory in Florida, cements his early stage front-runnner status at this point in my opinion.

Rudy is a big name that didn’t garner many votes, so who knows the real impact of his endorsement just a few minutes ago.  He was too liberal on social issues and was not going to get my vote on Super Tuesday.  Rumors are also flying around that the Governator is going to endorse McCain as early as tomorrow.  Ah-nold is a notorious RINO.

That’s the problem with McCain:  he’d get a lot of moderate-liberal votes.  He’d perpetuate that unfortunate part of the Washington game: in order to placate the people who voted for him, he’d be obliged to govern liberally, knowing that future Republican success would rely on his popularity, despite the numerous anti-conservative positions he’ll take.  Deep down I think McCain despises our party for the beating Bush gave him in 2000.  I’ve also never believed that he’s an altogether stable person either.

He’s pro-life, sure, but he’s also pro-amnesty, anti-Gitmo/enhanced interrogation techniques, “progressive” on taxes, anti-free speech, and has prided himself as a man who has obstructed either a Republican President and/or Congress for most of the last decade.

Now he wants to lead the party.  Like Bush in 2000: he was electable, so we overlooked his big-spending tendencies to our dismay and disgust.  I see nothing different happening with Gollum/McCain here.  He can beat the She-Witch, but what are we going to get?  Some scoff at Mitt for changing his positions every few minutes and pandering a little too much.  On average, we’d end up with better results electing him than with McCain– we know where McCain has been on the issues of the day and in this person’s opinion, McCain is not a good Republican.

Pic from Booker Rising Blog.

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John Edwards Drops the Mirror

Posted by Ryan on January 30, 2008

He finally got the memo:  John Edwards is not Presidential material and for the second time in five years he realizes it.  It’ll be interesting to see who he endorses in the general now that he’s out six days before Super Tuesday and a day before a high-profile CNN Debate.  Like Giuliani (who hasn’t officially jumped as of this posting), I don’t understand the problem with waiting seven days before dropping out, given that Edwards is a nationally known candidate with 56 delegates.

But, for over a month it was just a matter of time before Polly Prissy Pants, the Breck Girl, John Edwards bowed out.  Now he has finally done it, but watch out!  He’s only “suspended” his campaign…

Huffington Post pic.

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Rudy Giuliani’s Good Strategy

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2008

Rudy Giuliani made the right decision when he decided to skip Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to focus on Florida. The fact that his strategy was unsuccessful does not change the fact that the alternative would have been even more difficult to pull off.

At this moment, the Republican Party is not a conservative party; however, it is still a pro-life party. Any pro-choice candidate faces an uphill climb in a Republican primary. This is especially true in Iowa and South Carolina and generally true in New Hampshire. Rudy had no chance of winning any of these states. If he had campaigned heavily in these states, he certainly would have lost and resulting negative media attention and lost momentum would have killed his candidacy before it even reached the Sunshine State.

That’s not to say he had much of a chance in Florida either, but focusing his attention there was at least a plausible strategy. Unlike Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, Florida is home to a large number of New York transplants who hold the Mayor in high regard. These voters, coupled with what Rudy hoped would be a split vote among a large field (similar to the large field in the earlier states) gave Rudy his only chance, small as it may have been, to win. It did not work, but that does not mean it was the wrong strategy.

If a mediocre football team with no passing game focuses on the run and still manages to lose to the New England Patriots, chances are, the strategy was not the reason for losing. OK, that’s a bad hypothetical because the Patriots cheat, but the point still stands. A pro-choice Republican lost in a pro-life party. It wasn’t the strategy that killed his chances. Pun intended.

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