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Reagan Takes McCain to the Woodshed

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2008

Michael Reagan that is. It seems that the 20th Century’s greatest President’s son is not about to join Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Joe Lieberman on the John McCain’s bandwagon. Like many conservatives, Reagan is having a hard time overlooking the maverick’s attitude.

I’m not as hard on McCain as many other conservatives. Sure, he’s dead wrong on too many important issue, but he’s also so-so on other issues and pretty decent on others. he isn’t the perfect candidate or even a good one, but he isn’t She Who Must Not Be Named either. That said, I’ve also never denied that McCain has a habit of giving the base the finger and has no business leading our once-great party. After reading Reagan’s latest column, however, I realize that my middle finger analogy was an understatement.

Given our current situation, I think our party should simply take a chance on Mitt and see what happens.

Hat tip: Mark Levin

4 Responses to “Reagan Takes McCain to the Woodshed”

  1. Ryan said

    Now there’s a real Reagan for you! Great article!

    I have been trying to articulate something similar for a few weeks now about McCain. He seems to have a disdain for those who “wronged” him in 2000 and has a snivly attitude towards those he thinks his lesser. I know he’s only a so-so Republican on balance, but it has seemed since 2001 that he is down right mad at the Right. Look at his primetime 2004 RNC speech: I was waiting for him at any moment to endorse Kerry, and/or embarass Bush, or even leave the party on principle.

    He’s an imbalanced, bitter man.

  2. Chris said

    I also thought that article was great and I continue to stand by my belief that a McCain nomination is a death sentence for the Republican Party.

    The Drive-by Media may seem to like him now and may seem to be fawning all over him, but I am sure they have some things on him….maybe the things from the long list we already know, maybe some new things. Either way, they want Mitt out of the way (they already removed the others) so they can turn on him and turn on him they will. The attacks have increased and intensified against Mitt (and many cheap shots made by McCain) because he is the last roadblock to a November fiasco.

  3. Salinger said

    It’s worth pointing out that McCain has been in politics for around 26 years, and has a lifetime ACU average of 82.3 for his voting record. However, an interesting fact pointed out last week on the Corner shows that the number was probably somewhat higher 8 years ago, and to Ryan’s point, he has tilted left in the past 8 years:

    2000: 81
    2001: 68
    2002: 78
    2003: 80
    2004: 72
    2005: 80
    2006: 65

  4. Mike said

    McCain’s ratings are more of an up and down, but your point still stands. Good thing the ACU doesn’t rate Governor’s because Romney’s year to year shifts would resemble a roller coaster. Case in point.

    That said, at least Romney’s pandering in our direction and there is at least a small chance he would govern from the right. McCain would be placed firmly in the center, where he would tilt left (out of spite probably) far too often.

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