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Super Bowl XLII

Posted by Ryan on February 2, 2008

As it turns out, I’m actually going to Super Bowl XLII!  The plane leaves wicked early tomorrow morning, but whatever… I’m gonna see the New England Patriots (18-0) take on the underdog New York Giants (13-6) and that’s absolutely worth the hassle and the cost!  If Pats win there’s the 19-0 historical season, and if the Giants win they will have thwarted the Pats and be in the NFL history books as well! 

And I’m going to be there. Woo hoo!!!

As it turns out, I’m going with a long-time Giants fan.  We have an agreement on trash-talking and peace should be kept throughout the experience.  Because of the trip, I will not return from Arizona until Super Tuesday, so I will be absent from AOR for a while.

Here in Jersey you’d get the impression that the Giants are the only ones who are even going to play in the Big Game:  Michael Strahan is going to “show-up,” Brady’s hurt and will be sacked all game,  Eli’s playing like a God lately, Plaxico predicted a 23-17 Giants win so it must be so, the Giants all wore black as they got off the plane this week to mourn the death of the Patriot’s Dynasty, the Giants have a “running game,” blah blah blah.  The Pats, I guess are only 18-0, playing in a better Conference and defeating arguably better teams than the Giants in the playoffs to be here.  Whatever.

So I have asked many trash-talking Giants’ fans a simple question:  Could you give me a logical, stat-based explanation on how the Giants will win this game? 

I usually get “the Giants are hotter right now” as a response.  One has to admit that the Giants sure are spirited, but that’s probably because this Super Bowl-thing is kind of new to them.  That’s why they play the game. Belichick and the Pats know that every team who has trash-talked the Pats has lost this year.  Either way, even if the Giants play a better game, remember (as Mike and commenter Chris love to point out) the Patriots cheat! 

So there you have it:  if the Patriot’s talent, experience, better coaching, and healthier squad doesn’t do it, they’ll “cheat” anyway.  I have the Pats winning by three, because for some reason they always win the Big Game by three in recent years.  Let’s say 31-28 Pats. logo.

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