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McCain Derangement Syndrome: Symptom #1, Gross Exaggeration

Posted by Mike on February 6, 2008

I’m a little peeved right now. I’m not peeved because John McCain is about to become our nominee.  It was the clear there would be no conservative at the top of the GOP ticket once Fred Thompson dropped out, and that was a few weeks ago so I’m over it.  What I’m peeved about is the fact that is that many conservatives are forcing me to defend John McCain.  McCain’s unfortunate success has caused many intelligent conservatives to lose their minds. Part of the conservative blogosphere has also noticed this and is already calling it “McCain Derangement Syndrome (MDS).”  Similar to Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), a disease that has plagued liberal circles for the past eight years, MDS is best recognized by its four major symptoms: (1) gross exaggeration of political differences, (2) playing hard and loose with facts, (3) applying different standards to similar situations, and (4) fundamentally misunderstanding the role of politics in our national life.  This post deals with symptom number 1. 

The biggest exaggeration I have heard, from two people in particular whom I admire, is that John McCain is “no different than” She Who Must Not Be Named. This is absurd.  John McCain is no conservative, but unlike SWMNBN, he is not the face of quasi-evil in the modern world.  Let’s compare and contrast.  

SWMNBN is a woman whose biggest domestic policy disappointment is that the government is not actually practicing medicine and that no tax increase in American history has ever been large enough. She is a woman who implement John Kerry’s Global Test and actually brag about it. She is a woman who would appoint judges who would be described as Ruth Bader Ginsburg clones but for the fact that they would be about 30 years younger. She is woman who believes that people should have the right to kill an unborn child at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever, by any barbaric method imaginable.  There is nothing conservative about SWMNBN. There is nothing centrist about SWMNBN.  

But what about McCain? He’s no conservative; none of our post-Fred candidates are.  What McCain is not is liberal. He has some liberal positions, most notably free speech and immigration,and opposing the Bush tax cuts (positions the witch shares BTW), but a look at the entire record shows that McCain is a moderate Republican who is right of center on a majority of issues. His net record on taxes is one of a tax cutter (as begrudgingly admitted by the Club of Growth in their condemnation of him); he supported the Reagan tax cuts and opposed the Bush and 42nd President’s tax increases; he supported free trade policies which expanded American markets, thereby increasing our overall prosperity.  He currently supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent because, unlike the time he originally voted “no,” refusing to make the cuts permanent now would be tantamount to a tax increase, something McCain is historically against.  On social issues, he has a solid pro-life voting record and has never wavered despite his long-standing crush on the editorial board of the New York Times. He supported the War on Terror. He supported the war in Iraq. He supported the surge when it was unpopular to do so.  John McCain is conservative on most issues, liberal on some issues, and moderate on others. SWMNBN could never claim such a record.

Those who shamelessly claim there is no difference between John McCain and SWMNBN have simply lost their minds.  They are suffering from MDS and need serious help.


2 Responses to “McCain Derangement Syndrome: Symptom #1, Gross Exaggeration”

  1. wickle said

    I’m certainly nothing like a McCain fan, but I appreciate your situation. He’s just not the Antichrist that we’re told he is. He’s a compromiser and a moderate, but to say that there’s no difference between him and Clinton is a bit out there. I did make that assertion about Giuliani, but that’s because he is pro-choice. McCain has pretty good pro-life credentials (better than Romney’s, I’d argue).

    I still haven’t decided whether I might be willing to support him in a general election, but just for the sake of honesty, let’s deal with the fact that he isn’t a liberal.

  2. Ryan said

    What bothers me about McCain is that at this point he knows he’s going to get the nomination, and knows that SWMNBN is a crazy liberal, so he also knows that he has us conservatives cornered.

    He all but brags about it when he tells the conservatives to calm down or his people knock talk-radio for pointing out McCain’s record. He knows he will have the begrudging conservatives grabbing their ankles if SWMNBN is the nominee and it seems like he’s ready to abuse that.

    Like Newt said on Hannity and Colmes last week… we’d better start campaigning for conservatives running for Congress.

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