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Christian Leader Calls For Sharia Law

Posted by Mike on February 7, 2008

When a nation like the United Kingdom is confronted with the rise of Islamic extremism to the point where there is a significant minority of British Muslims who are unashamed to give two thumbs up to acts of terrorism, it might be time for some of that patented British resolve. Don’t tell that to Dr. Rowan Williams though.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, concerned that many British Muslims are feeling left out, has called for the introduction of certain aspects of Sharia Law. Critics of this pronouncement include Prime Minister Gordon Brown, human rights activists, fellow Christians, and prominent Muslims who like that whole democracy thing and don’t want to go down the slippery slope to, you know, Sharia Law.

AFP Photo

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No One To Blame But Ourselves

Posted by Mike on February 7, 2008

Although I don’t condone McCain Derangement Syndrome, there is no doubt that conservatives are rightfully in a funk. Who wouldn’t be after the party they know and love nominates someone who has repeatedly thumbed his nose at it? Before conservatives start lashing out at McCain however, it might be a good idea to take a deep breath and look in the mirror. We conservatives did this to ourselves.

This year our party had one conservative option and only one conservative option. When presented with that option however, many conservatives sacrificed principle for a certain je ne sais quoi. Some call it performance, I’ll call it style. What it can’t be called is principle. Despite having just about every conservative principle embodied in one candidate, conservatives scattered to non-conservative alternatives. Some went to the pro-amnesty Maverick. Others went to the tax-hiking pro-lifer. Others still went to the candidate who routinely switched his positions based solely on whatever his ambition happened to be at the time (three flip-flops on the abortion issue alone).

So why are we here? It’s simple if we look in the mirror. Fredhead-turned-Mitten Mary Matalin said it best:

“You reap what you sow. We like to applaud ourselves as the party of ideas and principle, but we turn out to be the party of performance art. All we did was gripe about Fred’s performance skills as opposed to his principles and policies — and . . . here we are,” Matalin said. “We let the perfect — as defined by performance — be the enemy of the great.” Fred Thompson would have been “a great candidate, a great standard bearer for conservatism, and a great president,” Matalin said, and his candidacy’s failure could mean that “we’re going to have to burn down the village.”

Conservatives who chose the fiscal liberal or the gumby-like faux conservative over Fred (most conservatives) because they didn’t like his “lack of energy,” poll numbers, late entry or any other superficial reason are really the last people who should be faulting others for choosing John McCain based on electability instead of principle. The Rubicon of abandoned principle runs through South Carolina, not Super Tuesday. Hopefully next time conservatives will heed their principles before complaining about the party abandoning its principles.

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A Nomination Without Romney

Posted by Ryan on February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney dropped his bid for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination today at about 1 pm EST.  Here’s a video of his speech:

Mitt was my guy for this nomination because he seemed like an energetic articulate economic conservative who was better than the rest of the top tier on the other major issues.  Yes he had some problems with consistency and track record which tarnished his conservative record, but I thought he was the better of what we had.  Of course, I liked Thompson too, but never clicked with his delivery and lackluster campaigning.  Ultimately, I would have loved Newt Gingrich to run, but without him and Fred not meeting with expectations, only Romney remained in my book as the one I wanted to see win.

I voted for Mitt on Super Tuesday, knowing McCain was going to win New Jersey by a landslide

But that’s over now.  It’s John McCain who will represent the Republicans in the Fall campaign.  I think Mitt’s 2012 strategy is a potentially good one at this point.  He’s playing this right and will probably earn a prime time speech at the RNC this summer. 

AP photo.

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A Super Bowl Massacre?

Posted by Ryan on February 7, 2008

A 35-year-old Tempe man, Kurt William Havelock, lost his bid to get a liquor license from the Tempe City Council.  So, he planned on taking an assault rifle to the nearby Super Bowl and plugging 200 rounds into the fans!  He even wrote a manifesto!

Security was very tight getting into the game, but the parking lots had a few traffic cops and some people waving orange batons to direct traffic.  Without a change of heart at the last minute, my Super Bowl experience and the experience of many others may have been very very different.

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