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A Nomination Without Romney

Posted by Ryan on February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney dropped his bid for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination today at about 1 pm EST.  Here’s a video of his speech:

Mitt was my guy for this nomination because he seemed like an energetic articulate economic conservative who was better than the rest of the top tier on the other major issues.  Yes he had some problems with consistency and track record which tarnished his conservative record, but I thought he was the better of what we had.  Of course, I liked Thompson too, but never clicked with his delivery and lackluster campaigning.  Ultimately, I would have loved Newt Gingrich to run, but without him and Fred not meeting with expectations, only Romney remained in my book as the one I wanted to see win.

I voted for Mitt on Super Tuesday, knowing McCain was going to win New Jersey by a landslide

But that’s over now.  It’s John McCain who will represent the Republicans in the Fall campaign.  I think Mitt’s 2012 strategy is a potentially good one at this point.  He’s playing this right and will probably earn a prime time speech at the RNC this summer. 

AP photo.


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