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The Lesson of 2006, According to Rush

Posted by Ryan on February 9, 2008

On October 17, 2006, before the ’06 Election, Rush predicted troubles for the Republicans.  The buzz was that the Republican Party had spent 6 years abandoning conservative principles on spending, which is one of the Conservative Movement’s three main tiers.  Thusly, Rush was worried that disaffected conservatives wouldn’t show up to vote, just to teach the party a lesson. 

Well, many didn’t and the party got taught a lesson.  However, Rush always had the point of view that winning is always better than losing (how novel!).  If the Republicans were to lose the 2006 Election, he predicted that the lesson which the blue-blood Republicans would take from the election is that the party would nominate a MSM-perceived moderate, like a John McCain, in 2008! 

Here is Rush in October 2006:

“Right now, that looks like McCain above anybody else — who, I must tell you, is not a conservative — and so what you are probably going to end up doing?  You’re going to be so frustrated by 2008 and the thought of [She Who Must Not Be Named] becoming president is no obnoxious, so abhorrent, that in 2008, you will flush your precious principles down the drain and elect a Republican, precisely the kind of Republican you think you’re running against now.  Or at least nominate one.  Who knows how that election will go.  So the very principle you are fighting here, if you succeed, you will be given a candidate who fits the very thing you’re angry about, somebody who’s not conservative, but probably has the best chance of winning.”

I suppose the lesson from 2006 that Rush pointed out even before that election is coming true, and the Republican Party has no one but themselves to blame.

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