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O’Bama Sweeps Potomac Primaries

Posted by Ryan on February 13, 2008

The Potomac Primaries (Maryland, Virginia, DC) were more of the same:  O’Bama wins and She Who Must Not Be Named shuffles people around as those in the shadows speak of “firewalls” and so forth.

For O’Bama, it’s 20 of the last 28 in his column.  He has officially grabbed the “pledged” delegate lead and has indeterminable “mo-” at this point, making March 4 another Super Tuesday if SWMNBN goes down! 

What’s great about this is that O’Bama has not been vetted, has nothing new to offer substantively, and puts Dems and moderates in a tough spot if a national security issue pops up in the Fall:  the old war vet with decades experience in Congress or the new guy with nothing to offer other than “hope” and “change,” who happens to have not a single major piece of legislation with his name on it.

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Mohammed Cartoons: Solidarity on Free Speech

Posted by Ryan on February 13, 2008

Two years ago, there was an incredible outrage from European (then Middle Eastern) Muslims over some satirical cartoons based upon Mohammad.  Michelle Malkin and 192 of her allied blogs participated in reprinting those very cartoons online.  Though Axis of Right was not among those blogs on the list, AOR did deal with this issue in a different way, making a point that this outrage over the image of Mohammad is selective, and thereby hypocritical.

In Western Civilization, we have come to believe that free speech must be protected, especially the stuff we don’t like.  If it’s insulting or lewd, people make choices as to what recourse they want to have: from a serious boycott to a proud blog-link.  I may not like these cartoons, but violence should not result from their (re)printing.  This is 2008, not 1208.  One does not have to tolerate violence.

Pic reposted from the link to Malkin’s blog.

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