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No Love on Capitol Hill

Posted by Ryan on February 14, 2008

Happy un-Valentines Day from Capitol Hill!

House Republicans led by John Boehner, walked out of the House chamber today en masse in protest of San Fran Nan’s willingness to push contempt charges against John Bolten rather than deal with the renewal of FISA and terrorist surveillance, which (by the way) is set to expire at midnight tomorrow!

The Republicans need to draw attention to the open Democrat acquiescence on terrorism– Dems who would rather settle old scores and obstruct the commander-in-chief than ensure the safety of the American people.  The walkout is a great start, but the drum beat needs to continue and staged events like this need to proliferate throughout the next seven months!

2 Responses to “No Love on Capitol Hill”

  1. rightonoz said

    Gotta disagree with you again.

    The house has every right to charge these two under your law and the constitution. Bush (Cheney) has pushed the bounds of Executive Privilege further than any president from what I see. As always he and his supporters run to hide under the War On Terror banner whenever they are challenged. Say what you like, the whole US Attorney thing stinks – there is is a story that needs to be discussed in the open. The latest revelations on suspect (illegal?)contracts awarded as part of this whole farce point to more than just the initial ‘use my privilege to stack the deck’ – questionable, unethical but not necessarily illegal.

    On the law in question it’s typical of Bush – (My way or I’ll use any objection for political gain arrogance) The law as it appears to stand offers ample opportunity to track terrorists without trying to force through a new law that gives retrospective protection for Telecoms companies that broke to law. The Dems did offer to extend the current law to allow further discussion (and a bit more political gain no doubt). There is absolutely NOTHING to prevent continued surveillance – they just have to obey the law and obtain a warrant (that can be obtained over the phone from what I understand, but then why risk some judge deciding that a particular request is political rather than based on real risk. Remember even Ashcroft had issues with some aspects of the Administrations actions.

    It’s a bit like the refusal of your current Attorney general to state categorically that Waterboarding is illegal – ‘because we don’t do it now’ (but might want to again). Remember you tried and punished Japanese for using this very same torture during WW2. Just wait for the howls of righteous indignation when a US soldier is captured somewhere and this technique is used on them. Ever heard of the saying – ‘Hoisted on your own petard’?

    While I don’t support Democrat policies in general, I do support them substantially on this. This whole issue on the Administration side has become too jingoistic – War On Terror, Executive Privilege, on and on it goes, just to disguise the fact that the current US administration has run rough shod over your own constitution (and Republicans are supposed to be more pro-constitution than the lefties) (OK so Blair and Howard both conveniently stretched the limits of UK and Australian law also)

  2. Mike said

    The President is entitled under our Constitution to fire US Attorneys as he sees fit because the executive power is vested in that one person. Congress has no jurisdiction over the issue, and the House Democrats who pretended otherwise are going to learn Constitutional law the hard way if they go down this road.

    Today, the House Democrats wasted time that should have been spent on strengthening national security. To make matters worse, this stunt was also a slap in the face to Tom Lantos because it was pulled while his memorial service was ongoing. Shame on them.

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