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Sandinista’s For O’Bama!

Posted by Ryan on February 15, 2008

“President” and tin-pot third-world leader of the Socialist Paradise of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, is swooning over O’Bama, calling him “revolutionary!”  When a Leftist like Ortega is calling you “revolutionary” it’s time to be afraid.  Ortega also gushed over O’Bama’s outreach towards illegals, even though She Who Must Not Be Named has thus far gotten more Latino votes. 

It’s hard to say how the socialist revolutionary’s endorsement will change that:  is this the first of many former and current anti-American third-world Utopian leaders to endorse O’Bama?  Who’s next: Chavez? Calderon?  Noriega?

That should tell all of us something.

Call McCain!  Call the RNC!  They both need to get their commercial-people ready! 

Pic from Shot in the Dark Blog.

One Response to “Sandinista’s For O’Bama!”

  1. Chris said

    Not too surprising Ortega would think highly of Obama…the same person who in their Houston campaign office has a flag of Che Guevara hanging on the wall…something else to add to the commercials.

    My favorite new nickname for Obama supporters, as stated by The Great One: “Obama-nations” (say it really fast and you’ll get it)

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