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Message to McCain

Posted by Ryan on February 20, 2008

Simply: Make it about the issues!

Michael Medved’s above piece makes a case that it is becoming more clear that no one is going to beat O’Bama in a personality contest or if the contest simply comes down to a matter of experience.  

I happen to agree with that assessment, but not with Medved’s pessimism.  This needs to be a race about philosophical differences.  And McCain has started to move away from the primary battles with a Huckabee as the obligatory other guy, and has begun to hit O’Bama where the MSM won’t: the issues.

So far so good with early “general election” McCain.  He’s sounded philosophical, conservative in contrast to the socialist pigs, and has been on the offensive (the Obama “Spend-O-Meter” is also a good start for conservatives).

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