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Obama, Representing Change You Can Xerox

Posted by Ryan on February 22, 2008

I have to admit, She Who Must Not Be Named used a great line in last night’s Democrat debate in Austin:

“If your candidacy is going to be about words then they should be your own words,” she said. “…Lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox.”

Of course, the crowd booed her (which she must be getting used to at this point), trying to seem above the fray and opposed to these kinds of personal attacks, even though there is actually substance in her criticism about the empty suit

In my opinion, she should have drawn a larger contrast with the fact that O’Bama said that he’d sit with Raul Castro “without preconditions” whereas she would take a harder stand.  It is obvious that O’Bama would have a love-fest with our enemies and invade our friends, like Pakistan for instance, but SWMNBN didn’t call him out on that!  O’Bama’s focus on “human rights” in his potential talks with Raul reminded me of Jimmah Carter’s overarching foreign policy theme in Latin America: human rights… bang up job with that one Jimmah!

Another moment that made me change the channel last night was when SWMNBN said that English should be our common language, but not our official language.  O’Bama embraced bilingual multiculturalism similarly but with a ridiculously pandering tone.  Both attitudes cater to the Balkanization of America, and refused to elaborate on the fact that the “official” language only refers to government and not the streets, homes or businesses.  I felt ill thinking that one of these clowns could be our commander-in-chief in 11 months.  Shudder.  McCain, who I still think has liberal tendencies and is an unstable person, is suddenly looking like someone I could actually proudly vote for in contrast with last night’s pair!


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