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Obama’s New Clothes

Posted by Ryan on February 25, 2008

She Who Must Not be Named’s minions have dug up this picture from Barry O’Bama’s trip to Kenya back in 2006.  This is as race-baiting stereotypical dirty as politics can get!  And the justification from her minions: “Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were [SWMNBN]?”  That’s really really poor, since funny pictures of her in foreign local garb are already public!

On the other hand, why should this be a smear?  Why should this mean anything?  Are both sides inferring that O’Bama is a Muslim and thereby Muslims can’t be our leader?  What’s with the word “fear-mongering” in the critique of this photo?  What’s so scary about Muslims, or Barry dressing like one in local traditional garb?  It must be so difficult to be a liberal: both trying so hard to be nice to everyone, then in a second impulsively reverting back to ancient stereotypes that a Republican would not even dream of bringing up in such a high-profile way!   

I have a feeling that if SWMNBN loses the nomination, there is no way she and her husband allow O’Bama to win this in the Fall.  If he wins, her window is shut forever; if he loses to McCain, there’s always 2012.  Whatever happens, the picture’s out there, the inference is out there and the unspoken psychological damage has been done.

AP photo.  Hat tip Drudge.

2 Responses to “Obama’s New Clothes”

  1. jonolan said

    It’s one of those attempts at a no win situation. Portray Obama as a Muslim and he either has to accept the label – alienating certain portions of the voters – or refute it and cause people to ask if Obama feels being accused of being Muslim as a smear – again alienating certain portions of the voters. It’s realpolitik Hell-Cunt style.

    It also distracts the media from SWMNBN’s attempt to suborn the DNC and get them to reinstate the Fl & MI delegates.

  2. Chris said

    Here begins the true gutter-trash Clintonista poltiics that was so well portrayed in Primary Colors. SWMNBN is trying to walk a fine line and she’s just fallen off! Let us remember it’s a DEMOCRAT who dug up this picture…the same party that brought us Willie Horton. The pic still isn’t as bad as a vertically challenged governor of MA bouncing around in a tank like a baby boy, or a lurchy, lanky Senator from MA dressed like a human sperm at NASA.

    As a Repubican, this was the kind of stuff many were dreaming of if Algore got into this; a Demcrat Party at war with itself (and a Nader on the outskirts); and we got it with Obama!

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