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McCain’s Eligibility?

Posted by Ryan on February 28, 2008

The New York Times has yet again demonstrated its bias towards the man they once endorsed.  This time it’s based on whether or not McCain can even run for President!  Of course, just a day after the first poll comes out (pdf) with McCain beating O’Bama in a head-to-head race.  Hmm…

John McCain was born on a US military installation in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936. There is no precedent for someone born outside of the 50 states to become President, even though the Constitution is vague on this issue. My niece was born on a US military base in Italy, therefore she was technically deemed a US citizen from the time of her birth.  According to the Constitution as I read it, that counts as a “natural born citizen.” Same deal with McCain.

This is nothing more than an opinion hit piece masquerading as real political news in the paper of broken record.

3 Responses to “McCain’s Eligibility?”

  1. Kelly Pierce said

    He is not a natural born American. The reason he supports Illigal Aliens is because he is one himself.
    Quite how he thinks he is more patriotic than Obama who is, is beyond me.

  2. Mike said

    What’s an illigal alien?

  3. TRM said

    Wouldn’t it be great if between this and the bill he wrote coming back to bite him in the ass, he had to get out of the race and hand over all of his delegates to Fred Thompson? I know I’m dreaming….

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