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Columbia v. Chavez

Posted by Ryan on March 3, 2008

According to the de facto Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, Colombia will not be permitted to “become the Israel of Latin America.”  I guess Hugo’s been hanging with Ahmadinejad a little too much!

How did this all start? 

Colombia received some intelligence that a FARC terrorist leader Raul Reyes was at a FARC base less than 2 clicks over the border in Ecuador.  Hitting Colombian targets and fleeing over the border was standard operating procedure for FARC lately. 

So, Colombia acted… and good for them in my opinion, despite the problems Ecuador and Chavez have with it!  Harboring terrorists is not cool anywhere: in Israel, Ecuador, or wherever.  FARC’s been a problem in Colombia for decades and has been responsible for countless killings and intimidation, not to mention drug-trafficking and terroristic acts. 

New details are emerging that President Correa of Ecuador may have had personal dealings with the terrorist Reyes, hence the gut reaction.  So, what’s Hugo’s deal?  Chavez can show up to help his poor defenseless neighbor against “American imperialism” in Colombia (and maybe grab some emergency powers along the way as a fringe benefit).  Unfortunately, this gesture could throw the whole region into war.

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