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No Water for The Witch as Some Republicans Play With Fire

Posted by Mike on March 4, 2008

Earlier tonight, I had a discussion with Salinger in which he informed me that a conservative we both (and many of you) know and respect actually cast a ballot for She Who Must Not Be Named. I know Rush Limbaugh and other influential conservative suggested that Republicans do just that, and I know that the Democrat infighting that a close race provides will be crazy delicious. But good God people, this is SWMNBN!

In our discussion, Salinger wondered how it is even physically possible for a good conservative to pull the lever, punch the hole, or complete the arrow next to her name without vomiting on the spot. I still haven’t haven’t figured out the answer to that one.

My first thought upon hearing this was regret. Tonight was the night we could have stood by and watched as Obama poured water on the witch and it now it looks like she will live to fight another day. If SWMNBN comes from behind, wins the nomination and then the White House, those good conservatives who voted for her today are going to feel awfully guilty when they realize the price of their short-term schadenfreude.At this point, SWMNBN has won Rhode Island (the Riddle Family Graveyard of American Politics) and Ohio. She has also been gaining all night in Texas.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama still has the inside track and I will enjoy the Uncivil War as much any conservative. However, we had better hope that SWMNBN ultimately loses this thing because I don’t want to hear a never-ending Lazarus narrative until November. In fact, I don’t want to hear her period.

If you don’t think this scenario is possible, take note of Rush Limbaugh’s latest Pearl of Wisdom regarding a certain family (the first line says it all).

Reuters photo

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Obama’s Media Blues

Posted by Ryan on March 4, 2008

The voting hasn’t yet wrapped in Texas, Ohio, Vermont or Rhode Island, but it is likely that Obama will win enough delegates tonight to turn the establishment against She Who Must Not Be Named by the time Pennsylvania comes around.  I hope not — I love watching the Democrat in-fighting!

However, at the same time it’s been a rough week for Obama; one he’s not used to having.  I’ve always felt that the one thing the press likes more than hyping someone up, is eventually tearing them down. 

First came NAFTA:  senior Obama economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, spoke to members of the Harper government apparently saying that the Canadian government shouldn’t take Obama’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric seriously.  That sounds very much like politics as usual (not very hopeful or change-like politics).  Denials abound and SWMNBN’s campaign ran with it, but Harper’s response was carefully worded and vague.  Regardless of what was said, this story is not likely to go away because of the way it was handled.

Then, Obama actually got asked some tough questions today by, of all people, THE PRESS!  Obama tried to manage the news conference, but after complaining that the press asked “like eight questions,” he huffed and puffed his way off the stage.  Apparently Obama didn’t like questions being asked about his former fundraiser Tony Rezko’s trial or NAFTA-gate.

Here’s a free-of-charge tip for Obama: There’s no one the press loves to hound more than someone important who doesn’t like them.  Have fun with the rest of the campaign!

AP photo.

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My Vote on Super Tuesday II

Posted by Mike on March 4, 2008

Presidential primary day in Rhode Island is always fun, especially when you’re a Republican voting in your party’s virtually uncontested primary.  She Who Must Not be Named’s surprisingly cute C-list Death Eaters stationed at the polling place, the bright-eyed college kids holding signs asking everyone to “honk for hope,” and the look of utter confusion on the poll worker’s face as she rummaged for that yellow ballot off to the side somewhere made the morning interesting and amusing.  Since there were no conservatives on the ballot to support in protest of McCain (Romney came closest), I wrote-in Fred Thompson.  This was the first time I ever cast a write-in vote in a multi-candidate race.  I am behind McCain 100 percent and have been ever since it was clear he would be our nominee, but I had to cast my objection somehow.  Better to do that in a meaningless primary than in November given the alternatives.          

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