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No Water for The Witch as Some Republicans Play With Fire

Posted by Mike on March 4, 2008

Earlier tonight, I had a discussion with Salinger in which he informed me that a conservative we both (and many of you) know and respect actually cast a ballot for She Who Must Not Be Named. I know Rush Limbaugh and other influential conservative suggested that Republicans do just that, and I know that the Democrat infighting that a close race provides will be crazy delicious. But good God people, this is SWMNBN!

In our discussion, Salinger wondered how it is even physically possible for a good conservative to pull the lever, punch the hole, or complete the arrow next to her name without vomiting on the spot. I still haven’t haven’t figured out the answer to that one.

My first thought upon hearing this was regret. Tonight was the night we could have stood by and watched as Obama poured water on the witch and it now it looks like she will live to fight another day. If SWMNBN comes from behind, wins the nomination and then the White House, those good conservatives who voted for her today are going to feel awfully guilty when they realize the price of their short-term schadenfreude.At this point, SWMNBN has won Rhode Island (the Riddle Family Graveyard of American Politics) and Ohio. She has also been gaining all night in Texas.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama still has the inside track and I will enjoy the Uncivil War as much any conservative. However, we had better hope that SWMNBN ultimately loses this thing because I don’t want to hear a never-ending Lazarus narrative until November. In fact, I don’t want to hear her period.

If you don’t think this scenario is possible, take note of Rush Limbaugh’s latest Pearl of Wisdom regarding a certain family (the first line says it all).

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7 Responses to “No Water for The Witch as Some Republicans Play With Fire”

  1. wickle said

    Playing with fire is an apt analogy. I wrote about the same thing, but I might erase my post and just link to this one …

    Just kidding.

    Anyway … I have an ethical problem with the idea of playing around with elections like that. That might be a minority view, but there is the point that the “Comeback Kid” catchphrase helped the other Clinton tremendously in 1992. Back then, of course, we thought he was the easy prey for any Republican nominee. I remember Limbaugh referring to the Democratic nomination race then as the race to see who would lose the Indy 500.

    She can make a comeback, and turn that into huge momentum. Stu, the producer/co-host on Glenn Beck’s show, pointed out that no matter what, you’re always going to have to know that you voted for Hi- … uhh … SWMNBN. I think he has a point.

  2. Liz said

    I went to the polls yesterday and almost voted for her…. Then I came to my senses and decided I would rather sleep with a clear conscience. That plan is going to backfire big time and every one who voted for SWMNBN is going to have nightmares for the rest of their lives if she is the nominee and wins the general.

    I wish the republican party in RI was stronger… but no one seems to want to do the work. But if wishes were being granted there would be no way SWMNBN would be even in the running and Romney would be the nominee…. Excellent analysis Mike.

  3. Chris said

    When listening to the whole debate about whether or not to cast a ballot for the witch, I can see Rush’s point, but when push comes to shove, I find that action reprehensible, despite the fact that the other side, in cooperation with the Drive-by Media, messed with the Republican primary in those early open primary states and as a result, we have McCain as our nominee.

    Some reforms definitely need to take place regarding the validity of Open Primary Systems…let’s hope some enterprising attorney takes this up so that loyal party members could have an actual influence on their party.

    To sum up, there is NO WAY I could have stomached voting for SWMNBN, even if it was to stop an Obama surge. Annie C, Rush and Bill Cunningham are wrong on this one.

  4. Ryan said

    I also know of a conservative that voted for SWMNBN in RI. One of the few dozen conservatives I know in RI was technically registered as a Dem and had to vote. Since this person thinks Obama is sketchy since we know very little of him, this person voted for SWMNBN to stymie Obama’s mo-. Of course, the conventional wisdom was that Obama would sweep all but Ohio, so I forgave this person, who happens to be very close to me.

    I personally could not vote for SWMNBN. I would have written in a name “Jake the Duck”, “Marvin the Martian”, “Dennis Kucinich”, or something wacky rather than taking that extra step towards the brink!

  5. wickle said


    As a NH-ite, I can assure you that Limbaugh has everything wrong about the NH semi-open primary. Yes, independents (about 40% of our voters) can vote in either primary. But we tend to vote for candidates we actually like. We take our primary very seriously here, and I know a few Limbaugh fans who are very angry with him about his theory that we play around with it. The fact is, McCain’s win in NH was predictable because of our electorate. As for SC, McCain won not because of crossovers but because Thompson and Huckabee were splitting the Southern conservative vote.

    Yes, Kos encouraged the same type of shenanigans in Michigan, encouraging Dems to vote for Romney … he was wrong, too. (I doubt that this mattered, though … I think Romney had MI from the start.)

    Like it or not, a lot of Republicans do like McCain.

  6. Mary said

    Wow. Talk about betraying the one who is bearing the burden of protecting your freedom. Yes, it was me. I did it. I voted for SWMNBN. Did I throw up in my mouth when I marked her off on my ballot? Yes. Did I need to chug a 50oz bottle of red wine when I came home that night? Yes. Will I probably need therapy later in life because reliving that moment will result in insufferable angst? Yes. And no one will ever understand how truly tormenting it was. But sometimes there are defining moments in history where man is called upon to serve a cause greater than self. This was my time. And I am proud that I answered the call.

    Sure I could have easily wasted everyone’s time, paper, dry erase marker ink, electrical energy of scantron machines, etc. to vote for a candidate that had no chance in Hades of winning, but that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Smiley faces and rainbows seem like a wonderful idea in principle, but they certainly don’t win elections. There are times where justice and the greater good require man to do things that feel icky. Take war for example. No one likes war. War is horrific. However, sometimes it is necessary. Don’t we all wish we could solve the world’s problems by having tea and crumpets with the enemy or by casting a ballot for God to be president of the free world? Regrettably, our ideals often don’t translate into realities. And the reality of this past election was that my vote presented me with an opportunity to either 1) do nothing, or to 2) damage our political enemies. The name of this war is defeat the Democrats. Divide and conquer is the strategy. Will it work? Only God knows. Was it hideous (pun fully intended)? Absolutely. But every now and then one must ally oneself with an enemy to defeat the greater evil. I’m sure that during World War II the U.S. cringed when it partnered with Russia to defeat Germany. Nevertheless, it was precisely the appropriate tactic that won that war. It could have easily backfired. Russia/communism could have taken over the world. It is always easy to second guess and/or Monday morning quarterback difficult decisions.

    If my strategy does backfire, and if SWMNBN wins the election in November, then by all means blame me. If I live to see that tragedy ensue, I will be the first to admit that my approach was the wrong one. Yet, at least I will know that I did not sit home, or sit around playing tiddlywinks, when I had the chance to make my vote count in this battle. On the other hand, if the Democrats do implode, then I trust you will be the first ones to sing my praises for making the right and extremely grievous decision. I trust you won’t do as the democrats do and not give credit where credit is due.

    Perhaps history will prove my course of action wrong. But when the hour came for me to act, I acted. I engaged in this battle for our freedom with courage and bravery. It saddens me to think that while I put my back, reputation, and sanity on the front lines in this politcal war, some of my own people have spit in my face. Instead, they should be awarding me with a congressional medal of honor.

  7. Mike said

    Keep fighting that Imperius curse Mary! The symptoms are there, but you haven’t actually fallen yet. You can beat this!

    Like you, I cast a protest vote. Unlike you, I do feel warm and fuzzy inside precisely for the reason you state. My protest vote was meaningless. Alas, yours was not.

    Voting for SWMNBN is nothing like allying with Russia to defeat Germany because that alliance was designed to DEFEAT Germany. Your vote defeats no one, but keeps the more repulsive Democrat’s career alive. That’s a big difference.

    If January 20, 2009 is the day she swears on the Communist Manifesto, I will at least have a clear conscience. You will have helped make it happen. I bet tiddly winks will seem awfully appealing at that point.

    Kudos for admitting it though!

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