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Brett Favre to Retire

Posted by Ryan on March 5, 2008

News came yesterday that Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre will retire after 17 years in the NFL. 

I loved watching Brett Favre play and even though rumors of an impending retirement have been around for years, it always seemed like he would come back again next year to play for the storied NFL franchise in Green Bay.  He and his talented group of players came just one drive shy of getting back to the Super Bowl for the first time this decade.  One pick and the Giants kicked a field goal, ending the season for Green Bay. 

I’d hate to think that Favre’s last play will be an intercepted pass, but I think his tenacity, passion for the game, his victory in Super Bowl XXXI, and the love he demonstrated for the game on a weekly basis will erase that moment and cement Favre as one of the best of all time. photo.

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McCain Wins Republican Nomination

Posted by Ryan on March 5, 2008

Last night it became clear that Mike Huckabee was going to lose the nomination race outright and finally did what many have done before him and dropped out.  McCain reached above the 1191 delegates needed to secure the nomination and even officially received an endorsement from President Bush today (for good or bad I suppose).

Last night, I have to say that I genuinely liked McCain’s Dallas speech.  He spoke about his campaign strategy, which is to make this campaign be about ideas and contrasts, not personalities or gutter politics.  Since I believe that this is the strategy that he should use, I was happy to hear he thinks so too.  While he can’t walk on water or raise the dead like Obama can while giving a speech, I noticed that I wasn’t fearing the poor articulation of every sentence — which I had grown accustomed to since the summer of 1999 when Dubya began his campaign.  He’s not George W. Bush, but he’s also not Bob Dole either; he’s more feisty and isn’t afraid to call the libs out.

Listening to the speech, I also felt for the first time that McCain could pull this off and be our next President; he seemed to rise a bit taller last night if you get my figurative meaning.  

We know that She Who Must Not Be Named is not going away quietly even though it is unlikely that she can win the nomination cleanly through the will of the people.  SWMNBN and Obama are neck and neck with mo- on her side.  McCain even used the term “uncivil brawl” to describe today’s politics (shades of Rush, perhaps?). 

I’m not a McCainiac and I did voice my protest against him with my vote for Mitt Romney on February 5, yet McCain is now the party’s nominee and the task of pushing back the tide of socialism and liberalism is much more important than squabbling over a few differences.  If I get 80% of what I want compared to 0%, I’ll fight for that 80% every time.

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