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Foster v. Oberweis: A Bellwether Election?

Posted by Ryan on March 9, 2008

Dennis Hastert stepped down from his Congressional seat late last year after the Republicans lost their majority status.  As such a special election was held in the former House Speaker’s district to fill the remainder of his term.  Alas, the Democrat Bill Foster beat Republican Jim Oberweis to take the seat.  They are likely to rematch in the Fall for a full two-year term. 

While I’d like to think that the Republicans have a decent chance in the Fall of taking back the House, I wonder if the trends from 2006 continue with a Democrat sweep in the Fall.  With Congress’ approval rating scraping dung from the heap, the thought is that Republicans can take the initiative and convince voters to give them another shot. 

Yet, this was the former House Speaker’s district!  On the other hand, Oberweis seems like the token Republican stand-in, who lost his bid for Senate and Illinois governor in the primaries in years past.  We in New Jersey kind of have one of those guys: his name is Doug Forrester.  So, perhaps this special election is a special circumstance and not a harbinger of things to come.   


2 Responses to “Foster v. Oberweis: A Bellwether Election?”

  1. Chris said

    Looking at the situation now, it should be in the cards and we would think common sense would prevail in their taking back the House in 2008. The Democrat Congress has low approval ratings and they are going to have the most liberal presidential ticket since Kerry. Despite better karma surrounding them, the Republican Party has not been much working with common sense and I’m not 100% convinced they can re-take the House (or even keep the presidency). When they re-took the House in 1994, there was a strong leader (Newt) who led the charge and proposed pretty concrete changes that were quite visible from the status-quo. The Republican leadership really needs to step up now and give the voters a reason to vote for them; return to true principles of Conservatism and not just watered down, RINO liberalism. If they do, and McCain actually does what he told CPAC he’ll do, this could be a good year for Republicans.

  2. TRM said

    Glad I’m not the only one trying to rally the troops and get more of our guys in all levels of government, from county commisioner to POTUS…… spread the word, the liberal syphilis is a sneaky little disease…

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