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Spitzer Swallows His Pride

Posted by Ryan on March 10, 2008

Eliot Spitzer, the illegal-alien-licence-loving Democrat Governor of New York, had to swallow his pride today and admit that he did something wrong, needs some down-time getting the trust of his family back, and will get back to us “in short order” (whatever that means).  It was all very vague and non-committal.

I had to hear the news on CNN since Fox News conveniently happens to be covered over by some school news channel at work.  Even after the brief legalese-filled press conference, CNN was showering Spitzer with praises and deeply hurt that such a man of character was identified as “Client #9” in an FBI probe of a prostitution ring.  Even some non-political types who were watching with me noticed the obvious bias in favor of a man who was renowned for being an arrogant, self-righteous, “progressive” jerk — who happened to be fingered in an FBI probe dealing with a prostitution ring, which are notoriously linked to organized crime! 

By the way, he’s also a superdelegate who has pledged to support She Who Must Not Be Named.  Priceless!  Why is it that everyone associated with our former President and his wife make me feel like I need to take a bath?

The story is still hot and the afternoon is still young, so there may be updates.

UPDATE #1:  Spitzer is facing possible impeachment charges from the Republicans in the NY Legislature. 

UPDATE #2:  Various headlines, whose links will unfortunately expire quickly, are turning this into the embarrassing just it is by saying things like the “Love Gov” from Fox News and “Ho No!” from the New York Post.

AP photo.

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