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Sarko The American Also Supports Israel

Posted by Mike on March 11, 2008

When Jimmy Carter and other like-minded liberals fantasized about closer relations between America and France, I don’t think they were talking about the two countries seeing eye-to-eye on Israel and the Iranian threat. Fortunately for the civilized world, Nicolas Sarkozy is not your typical French President or incompetent American one.

During Shimon Peres’ recent visit to Paris, Sarkozy reiterated his affection for Israel and commitment to their security, especially as far as Iran is concerned.

“Not from time to time, Mr. President — always,” said Sarkozy. “And those who call in a scandalous, scandalous way for the destruction of Israel will always find France in front of them to block their route.”

I have been impressed with Sarkozy ever since I first learned that he was a candidate for the French Presidency, but his treatment of Shimon Peres is especially commendable. France is infamous for its embarrassingly large anti-Semitic minority, a minority that which can be quite disruptive when angered. Lining the Champs-Elysees with Israeli and French flags despite this sad fact took guts. Maybe Old Europe can become new again.

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War on Terror T-Shirt Controversy

Posted by Ryan on March 11, 2008

A Pennsylvania high school student’s parents are pursuing a lawsuit because their son refused to turn his shirt inside-out after administrators deemed it was inappropriate.  The student says he wears it in honor of his uncle who’s serving in Iraq.  The t-shirt said:

“Special Issue — Resident — Lifetime License —

United States Terrorist Hunting Permit —

Permit No. 91101

Gun Owner — No Bag Limit.” 

While I agree with the shirt’s sentiment, I have to agree with the administrators on this one.  The shirt’s background has a gun on it, and that is unacceptable. 

This student wouldn’t have even made it to first period in my school, let alone last period of the day!  My niece was once suspended in First Grade for making a gun symbol with her hands at recess during a game of tag.  That’s a little ridiculous (a stern talking to would have done more to instruct my niece and angered my brother less), but I can see this kind of “speech” as a pretty big issue in high school. 

Also, there is a pre-existing dress code that the students (and their parents who purchase their children’s clothes) need to be aware of.  Expression in schools is limited, as any conservative who went to college knows, and trying to circumvent the rules in such a fashion, especially when dealing with gun imagery, is irresponsible for a 14-year-old, let alone his parents who are trying to defend his right to wear a shirt with a gun on it in public schools.  The courts are apt to see nothing else on that t-shirt but the big, red gun in the background. 

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