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Spitzer’s Other Woman

Posted by Ryan on March 13, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is the infamous prostitute “Kristen” that former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer had solicited, which led to his disgrace and resignation from office.  A high end prostitute is still a prostitute, it’s all just a matter of haggling price.  I don’t care that she was just 22 years old — she’s an adult who sold her body for money and that’s that; it’s not really that complicated.

But, in today’s culture such disgrace can make you a star! 

Penthouse wants Ashley to pose for an upcoming issue!  Pretty soon she might get her own show, where fellow high-end prostitutes might get to go into Red America and pretend not to know how the plebs live (sorry Paris)!  Not only can Ashley continue to make more mullah getting naked in front of unfamiliar men, but the New York Slimes has a story today that eventually focuses on her poor struggling music career.  How about getting this girl some therapy, an AIDS test, and a into good church first before she goes to jail!

Pic from The Smoking Gun.

One Response to “Spitzer’s Other Woman”

  1. rightonoz said

    So she’s a hooker!

    I know in the US, where almost any depravity you like can be shown on cable, it’s mostly illegal to be a hooker.

    Personally I have no issue with her actions, more with the narrow minded laws that make her career choice illegal, and see countless millions wasted in persecuting hookers and their clients while the US enjoys one of the world’s highest violent crime rates and the highest per head prison population in the world if my memory serves me correctly. Something screwed up in the priorities!

    By persecuting hookers and their clients you drive the profession underground, make it more dangerous and open to being run by organized crime.

    I know you guys have certain convictions, however I see this as in the same league as abstinence only sex education.

    Wonderful in theory, but directly responsible for the rising STD rate amongst young US women (including an appalling increase in oral STD amongst ‘virgins’). Also a bit like the AIDs package that forbids the teaching about and provision of condoms in the undeveloped world. Makes US politicians feel good but fails to support the main method of preventing the spread. Easier and cheaper to provide a condom than providing billions in drugs.

    Man being a sexual animal where both sexes enjoy, no way is abstinence teaching going to have any effect.

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