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The Wright Side of Obama

Posted by Ryan on March 14, 2008

Sean Hannity has been beating the drum all week on his radio show  as well as his TV show with the pitiful Alan Colmes about the connection between radical Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama.  Anyone who listens to Sean knows that the “Stop [She Who Must Not Be Named] Express” has begun to morph into the “Stop Obama Express,” with all the hard-hitting scrutiny that the MSM should be giving Obama. 

Well, the Wall Street Journal Online and the Washington Post among others have picked up the story and are running with it.  Obama himself is distancing himself from the radical Wright who has said numerous inflammatory remarks about AIDS, 9/11, white racism in America, and so on.  Wright’s views are appalling and could seriously blemish Obama’s image and campaign as this story could have legs.  Remember that it was in March 2004 when “flip-flopper” came into our political lexicon over that pesky $87 million supplemental package.   

Remember that Obama has been in this race for President since February 11, 2007.  It is now March 14, 2008.  Does anyone really believe that if he were a Republican and that Republican had a crazy, radical, anger-filled, racist preacher for the last 20 years that these kinds of connections would have been unvetted in 13 months of a national campaign for commander-in-chief?  Perhaps the MSM is shot itself in the foot by giving Obama a pass for so long.

Pic from the New York Times, taken from the Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service.

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