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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Posted by Ryan on March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today everyone in America becomes honorarily Irish (hiccup!) to share in the spirit and culture of the American Irish.  So, get together with some good friends, have some corn beef and cabbage, be careful not to fill up on soda bread and scones, and be sure to wash it all down with a nice Guinness or two.  Ah… heaven! (Can you tell I’m half Irish?)

If anyone has any neat St. Patty’s plans, please share them!  This unofficial holiday is as fun and spirited as any major holiday — certainly more exciting than President’s Day. 

Ta suil agam go bhfuil tu i mbarr na slainte

(That’s Gaelic/Irish for “I hope you are in the best of health”)!

Pic from St. Patrick’s

One Response to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!”

  1. TRM said

    Goombah cheers from D=S! … stinkin’ micks…. KIDDING!

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