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She Who Must Not Be Named, Lie #41,502,384,852

Posted by Mike on March 24, 2008

She Who Must Not Be Named’s tale of dodging sniper fire in the Bosnian war zone is merely one in the infinite line of lies flying of her mouth during this campaign. For that reason, I thought nothing of the fairy tale the first time I heard it. I simply laughed out loud because it was so obvious that she was lying.

Since no one on the planet actually believed the lie when it was first told, no proof of the lie is actually necessary. However, thanks to the Jed Report, the proof is now viral. Why not post the proof as shown in the form of a movie trailer?

The whopper itself was unbelievable, but the explanation that she simply “misspoke” why telling it in great detail is even more so. Fortunately, even the media doesn’t seem to be buying it now that the tired old 1990s politics are being used against a liberal.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades

2 Responses to “She Who Must Not Be Named, Lie #41,502,384,852”

  1. Chris said

    Good video…I find this lie as told by the witch to be absoutely disgraceful!

    And if I were a Bush Administration official that visited Iraq (including the president) I would be most offended. If we remember Bush’s visit to the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving 2003, he really did take a chance in going there…Air Force One could have very well been shot down, hence its manuvers.

    SWMNBN’s contempt for the military is apparent and historically noted…to hear her fake it and try to hide the her true feelings is sickening.

    If that were a Republican, he/she would be hung out to dry…again the Drive-bys gave her a pass.

  2. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET said

    Two things come out of Hillary’s mouth. 1. Lies 2. Treason

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