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Hasselbeck Tries to Stick It to Obama

Posted by Ryan on March 29, 2008

Back on March 19, the lovely Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “The View’s” token conservative and fellow Rhode Island transplant, made a great point about the double standard Obama has on race: Obama condemned Don Imus, who had been on radio since 1968 and made an inappropriate three-word joke in bad taste that got him fired within a week, but Barry O is still defending his Reverend Wright.  Elizabeth gets harped on by the harpies on “The View” but she made a great point — and another indication that Obama’s foes on the Left and Right are not going to let this issue slide.

Yesterday, Obama paid a visit to the ladies on “The View.”  Some important points related to his distant relation to Brad Pitt, how “sexy” he is,  if he’s tough enough to survive a Republican “swift-boating,” yak yak yak.  However, Barbara Walters did eventually bring up the Imus stuff.  Obama , in typical form, split hairs and parsed words, not hearing “some of the things” Wright said, etc.  Soon he turned into his friendship with She Who Must Not Be Named (gag). 

It appears in the first two to five minutes of this clip:

It’s funny because the YouTube clips from the news stations skip the Imus part and go straight to dealing with the “Republican attack machine.” Elizabeth then tries to call him out about his “uniter” farce.  Yet, Obama dances some more, even telling an anecdote about how Reverend Wright saved an interracial couple through Wright’s guidance.  However, to my disappointment, the Imus double standard was not addressed further. 

5 Responses to “Hasselbeck Tries to Stick It to Obama”

  1. typicalamerican said

    Have you heard some of the words that Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh are using? Listen, I’m not saying that Barack shouldn’t get vetted over this but that media bias runs both ways. Rush calls him the “Magic Negro” Negro?…hmmmmm….Listen, this is a seriously touchy subject. The subject of race. If you really want to touch this topic, I suggest you don’t just touch it. Dive into it whole heartedly. Start by examining what Rev. Wright said in its entirety so that his comments can be taken in proper context. Now, let me say I am not defending his offensive comments, not by a long shot but how can you clearly judge without listening to the sermons in their entirety. Oh, before I forget about dear ole Pat. He has the audacity to not even acknowledge the hardships that African Americans have had to endure in this country. He called the fleets of slaveships that carried human cargo on them a “boat ride.” Really?…It was just a boat ride to have four to five human bodies stacked high to get maxium compacity, traveling across the atlantic in their own waste in conditions that were so bad that over half that were on this “Boat ride” died. He talks of how whites have advanced the black peoples cause, like the residue of slavery and jim crow still doesn’t resonate today. A people wiped of their culture and history who were told in law books that they were 3/4th’s of a man as justification for keeping them slaves…I am sorry I am ranting but… nevermind….I don’t think this is productive. You have a good day

  2. Don Imus said

    Obama is old news and should just fade away. This should of been the easiest election for democrats but will lose to a war Hero. I rememeber Obama wanting to lynch Imus now says Wright is ok. Stupid people will believe Obama. Their is many stupid people in this world. Then to say because at one time it was a white church also make Wright ok. Obama ask the question straight up whats the difference about Imus and Wright instead of dancing around it with legal talk. You scum bum lawyer

  3. Ryan said

    Typical American:

    If Trent Lott can lose his Majority Leader status for some off-the-cuff remarks to a 100+ year old man on his birthday, then we can drag Wright and Obama through the mud as long as it takes to get a straight answer from our potential future President. So I would say that calling people out on what they say does run in both directions. I’m sure Obama doesn’t hate America, like I’m sure Lott doesn’t want segregation to come back, but unfortunately that’s the political world we live in.

    What’s shocking about this is that the press is actually following through with this stuff on a Democrat! Remember Mark Foley’s nasty emails? Nothing compared to Democrat Gerry Studds actually sleeping with an underage male page! Studds got a Congressional achievement award before retiring from Congress a decade later. How about Democrat Barney Frank’s tryst with a male prostitute? He’s still a stalwart in the Democrat Party. I do think there is a press double standard that has favored the Democrats for far too long. My belief is that everyone, regardless of party, should be held to the same standard of scrutiny if they are running for President.

    I’d actually like it better if we stuck to the issues more, but these are difficult times and since both Dems are nearly identical in their policy positions, this has become a personality election. Hence, personal issues take on more importance.

    Also, on the 3/5 Compromise: it was actually pushed by the anti-slavery members of the Constitutional convention to punish the slave-holding states who tried to count a slave 1 to 1 in terms of counting for Congressional representation. The anti-slavery factions thought that was cheating since slaves had no civil rights and they wanted to make life difficult for slave-holding states. So really the 3/5 clause was an anti-slavery move by our Founders, which demonstrated the slave-holding states’ moral/ethical dilemma over the “peculiar institution”. Also, they ended the slave trade by 1808 and slave trading in DC in 1850 since both were highly embarassing to the nation.

  4. Salinger said

    Typical American: The Magic Negro comment was a parody of a piece written in the L.A. times by a liberal columnist, who stated that Barak was acceptable to white people and therefore that was why he was doing well. It is this columnist, David Ehrenstein, who labeled Barak the Magic Negro (you can find the original column here. Coupled with Sharpton’s comment that Obama wasn’t a real black man, this formed the basis for Limbaugh’s parody.

    Limbaugh’s parody was brilliant in that it pointed out the left’s double-standard in deciding who a “real black” person is. This goes hand-in-hand with the constant berating of Condi Rice and Colon Powell as “Uncle Tom’s”. It is the left, such as Ehrenstein and Wright, who are the proponents of modern-day racism, not the right. Limbaugh and others such as myself want a true color-blind society, where we measure people by merit and acitons, not skin color.

  5. M Demers said

    Hasslebeck, shut up and go back to school. It begins with kindergarten classes. After you get as many diplomas as Obama, then come back and try to say something intelligent. Otherwise, do not say anything, please. As a woman, I find it painful to hear you.

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