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NCAA Men’s Final Four is Set

Posted by Ryan on March 30, 2008

So, how’s your bracket (pdf)?

One of things I’ve learned the hard way over the years is that never before have four #1 seeds ever met together in one season’s Final Four.  In the last eight years I’ve had two brackets where #1 seeds make the Final Four (granted I was very new at the whole thing).  I was told by wise people to never have one’s Final Four be all #1 seeds.  I heeded that wisdom for years and it served me well.

Bit me in the rear-end this year!  UNC and UCLA were a good picks for their region, but Kansas blows it every year so they won’t make it, while Memphis just can’t keep this going, coming from the wimpy Conference USA.  Logical, but picks against my gut:  Memphis looks like an NBA team and Kansas actually seemed like they got their stuff together this season.

Ugh.  UNC, UCLA, Memphis and Kansas are in — all #1 seeds… tailor-made for the newbie who never heard the ancient conventional wisdom and just went with the frontrunners on their way to winning lots of office cash! 

So, my brackets are pretty feeble this year.  My Final Four was UNC v. Georgetown and UCLA v. Texas.  In my office pool this almost means complete elimination from the competition, unless North Carolina wins the whole thing like I hope they do!

AP photo.

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Staying In “As Long as [She] Wants”

Posted by Ryan on March 30, 2008

I have thought for a while now that if She Who Must Not Be Named cannot be the Democrat nominee, then Barack Obama cannot be President.  I had a similar thought about how the Clinton’s handled Kerry in 2004 — he couldn’t win either in order to pave the way for her historic run in 2008.

SWMNBN has to know that her continued presence in this race is having a detrimental effect on her party’s chances in the Fall given all the bad blood that is in the air which may not be reconciled by August.  I also believe that she’s taking the advice of her husband by staying in: either she can persuade enough superdelegates to join her through a series of late and impressive victories while still screeching about Michigan and Florida, or she waits until a Reverend Wright-type scandal knocks Obama out of the running prematurely where she can pick up the nomination by default and thereby save the party.

As for Obama, he’s encouraging the Shrill One to stay in the race as he continues to fill in the typical populist empty suit mold that continues to persuade a number of short-sighted idealists to follow him.  Michael Barone, however, gives SWMNBN a little hope in this article, arguing a hypothetical way in which Bill’s wife can win this.  Barone is generally considered to be the foremost expert on micro-politics within individual Congressional districts nationwide.  While admitting his idea is hypothetical, he also adds to this notion that SWMNBN should not drop out and continue to fight until the end, which she has recently pledged she’d do.

Good for her.  Let the Democrat Uncivil War continue!

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