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Just Another Day in Jersey

Posted by Ryan on April 1, 2008

Here are a few tidbits from the Garden State on this very slow news day:

Truckers, looking for vengeance due to high diesel prices, take it out on (where else!) the New Jersey Turnpike by stalling traffic in one of the nation’s busiest corridors.  Tax and cut Governor Jon Corzine was not present to extract extra tolls from the truckers (I heard there were seat-belt issues involved).

A New Jersey Mathematician at NJIT has figured out a mundane way to pick winning baseball teams… yet, on this kind of news day, this is good stuff: pick the obvious teams and have a disclaimer that pitching, rookies and other intangibles may affect the outcome…  so, when can we go to Vegas with this guy?

Another buzz around town happens to be about a new book which just hit the shelves of my local Barnes and Nobles, called The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption, which cites (of all things) corruption at the very heart of New Jersey politics!  Oh my! 

And by the way, 84 year old New Jersey Senator Democrat Frank Lautenberg has decided to run for reelection this year!  I can’t wait for Jon Corzine to make his first age crack at McCain (a whopping 13 years younger than Lautenberg).  I wouldn’t put it passed Corzine, who might just have the Legislature levy a “speaking about McCain” tax to ease the property tax burden. 

Corzine, who can’t raise taxes quick enough on every little thing he can imagine, is under threat of a laudable, if ultimately laughable, recall effort — the folks at the center of the recall consider themselves “Whigs” to boot!  Nice.

Sometimes one just has to sit back, exhale, and think: wow, I love this state!

AP photo.

4 Responses to “Just Another Day in Jersey”

  1. Ed Sacks said

    reading soprano state now…. i don’t
    know ryan – nj may have ri beat as far as corruption!

  2. Ryan said

    I’ve put the Soprano State on my list.

    The deal with Rogue’s Island is that there is no competitive second party. At least in NJ they are still running Republicans for offices below Senator!

    Plus, I’m waiting for Sharpe James or Cory Booker to come out with their own brand of Marinara Sauce before I give NJ the crown.

    On the other hand, RI never had an experience like the McGreevey resignation press conference back in the day– probably the single weirdest press conference there ever was.

  3. Chris said

    NJ as far as I’m concerend is the Lousiana of the North when it comes to corruption. And whereas in LA it’s been the Longs, Landrieus and William Jefferson D-LA leading the way, both sides here have their hands in the pot. Whether it be bringing shame to their leadership and cities (e.g. Sharpe James, Jim Treffinger) or shame to their families after their time in office (e.g. DiFrancesco and his current problems with his former partner at his law firm ), NJ politicans and those with influence are out of control. One of the best things that President Bush did for this state was to nominate Christopher Christie to be NJ’s District Attorney (and hopefully he will challenge Corzine in 2009 for the Governor’s Mansion). To date, he has indicted well over 100 crooked politicians and hasn’t lost one yet. Fmr Mayor Sharpe James should be nervous.

    I’m now reading this book (one of my favorite corruption stories is Charles Kushner’s (McGreevey’s #1 campaign donor) fall from grace…only in NJ) and I’ll probably finish it during my spring break.

  4. Ed Sacks said

    new jersey has two parties democrat and democrat-lite aka (rhino).

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