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Caught Red Handed . . . Again.

Posted by Mike on April 6, 2008

A repulsive woman runs for President of the United States. One of the problems with her candidacy is that she has very little foreign policy experience. Exploiting this inexperience, her even less experienced primary opponent points out the fact that the woman’s foreign policy experience amounts to nothing more than having tea with real world leaders during their downtime. Sensing that voters may notice she is unqualified to run America’s foreign policy, the repulsive woman concocts a thrilling tale in which in which she dodges sniper fire on the war-torn Bosnian tarmac after her airlplane undergoes evasive maneuvers, activates a cloaking device, and travels through time. For a few weeks, the candidate believes she has convinced Americans that she has the experience after all.

Trouble ensues for the candidate however, as footage of her Bosnian greeting ceremony surfaces. The video shows no corkscrew landing, no flux capacitor, no invisibility device, and no speeding bullets. What the video shows is a smiling First Lady at an event resemebling the one described by her primary opponent, albeit without the tea. Unfortunately for the repulsive woman, the story was so false that even her media allies had to ridicule her. The story that supposedly proved one of her qualifications was an elaborate but sloppy lie. The repulsive woman had egg on her face, which at least made her more attractive than she had ever been before.

This has been the story of She Who Must Not Be Named’s last two weeks. Recognizing that the voters know she has no foreign policy experience, SWMNBN shifted gears to an area where she actually has experience, health care.

Now, no Democrat stump speech would be complete without some woeful tale of some sympathetic person being mistreated by people who have jobs as they die under a bridge somewhere. In SWMNBN’s health care stump speech, the sympathetic figure was a pregnant woman earning minimum wage. The people with jobs were the people who worked in the hospital. The mistreatment was the fact that they refused to treat her because she did not have the $100 payment necessary to be treated. The death departed from the script slightly as the woman died in a helicopter instead of a dumpster. Like 99.472 percent of all Democrat sob stories, this one was BS. SWMNBN has pulled this story from her stump speech lineup.

On foreign policy, SWMNBN had little foreign policy experience to speak of, so she made up an elaborate story to prove otherwise. On health care, SWMNBN had significant experience that no wise candidate would dare speak of, so she made up a story (with the help of some liberal liar she encountered on the stump) designed to tug at the heartstrings while avoiding a discussion of her unworkable solution. In both instances, the stories that were supposed to serve as part of her candidacy’s foundation proved false. In the process, she reinforced one of her many qualities that cause people to dislike her. The house is falling. Let’s hope the witch is under it when it collapses.

AP photo


3 Responses to “Caught Red Handed . . . Again.”

  1. Ben Keeler said

    Wow, she lies. The Clintons are liars. Is anyone really surprised by this?

  2. Ryan said

    Not surprised, but I am rather shocked. I thought that SWMNBN had more political savvy than to resort to these kinds of out-right lies. It screams of desperation. If she’s not going to drop out soon, why be so stupid and sloppy a few weeks before the biggest vote of her campaign?

    Unless, of course she was always this petty and weak.

  3. Chris said

    Agreed! The desperation factor is apparent and I am really surprised she hasn’t thrown the kitchen sink at Barry yet (I’m sure it will be coming). SWMNBN isn’t going anywhere and as a Conservative, I’m thrilled about this.

    If she doesn’t drop out the Democrat Uncivil War continues and if she gains traction among the Superdelegates at the convention, Denver 2008 will turn into Chicago 1968!

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