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The Fifth Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad

Posted by Ryan on April 9, 2008

Five years ago, the wall-to-wall Iraq War coverage had a breaking news bulletin where cameras showed us the sights from Baghdad. 

I was at lunch duty at school (that’s when teachers watch students eat and confiscate cell phones) when pictures of US Marines in the center of Baghdad wrapped a US flag over the head of a Saddam statue.  While I had no problem with that, they promptly took it down and set up a crane to help knock down Saddam’s statue.

I remember that day well.  Only 21 days at war and the regime ran into hiding, Iraqi’s were in the streets celebrating with American troops.  Good times for America, Iraq, and the region! 

Then, you know, stuff happened and things got complicated and messy fast.  But April 9, 2003, was still a great and historic day.

One Response to “The Fifth Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad”

  1. Chris said

    I remember this and remember it well. It’s too bad that the drive-by media chooses to forget this and focus on the negative. I’ll be the first to admit it hasn’t been perfect, but their (the drive-bys) behavior has been reprehensive and disgraceful. They chose to forget about the great things our guys have done over there (e.g. keeping the terrorists on the run, keeping them off our shores, building schools, helping with infrastructure, etc), the crimes of Saddam (and the mass graves) that if it wasn’t for us may still be continuing and the success of General Petraeus and his work. Glad the alternative media is there to keep them in check and not let them get away with it.

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