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American Idol Distances Itself from Jesus

Posted by Ryan on April 11, 2008

Last night, American Idol had their contestants close with a song called “Shout to the Lord.”  Yet, in a song about Jesus, they replaced “Jesus” with “Shepherd!”  Wow.  The anti-Christian bias in the media is well-known and documented, but editing “Jesus” in a song about Jesus?!?  Why choose the song in the first place? 

It sounds like American Idol catering half-heartedly to letters and requests from Christian groups to get Christian Rock songs on the show while trying to avoid any unwelcome labels from secular critics.  I’m very disappointed in the show for this.  I personally don’t listen to Christian Rock so I didn’t understand the issue initially, but knowing that they omitted the word “Jesus” from a song about Jesus seems like a politically correct slap in the face.

Malkin’s got great coverage of the show with commentary.

2 Responses to “American Idol Distances Itself from Jesus”

  1. wickle said

    Wow …

    You’re right, why bother doing the song if you’re going to change it? I don’t care one way or the other what’s on “American Idol,” but if they want to leave it secular, that’s fine. But the flagrant half-hearted attempt at appeasement here is just silly.

  2. I’d rather them not use the song at all than change it around. To me that is more of an insult.

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