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Despite Outcry, Jimmah Set to Visit Hamas Leader

Posted by Ryan on April 12, 2008

By now most of you have heard that Jimmah Carter is going to Syria next week, where he’s most likely going to meet up with an exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal.  Jimmah, who has called Israel “an apartheid state” in the past and continues to be predictably on the wrong side of history, becomes the first significant American figure to meet with leadership of this terrorist group since (ready for this) Jesse Jackson two years ago!  Jimmah and Jesse in the same sentence.

The Carter Center is being vague and dodgy on the specifics of his trip, which should tell one everything they need to know.  The State Department, including Condoleezza Rice, has publicly asked that Carter not do this, but Carter is adamant about promoting “human rights” in the region. 

So, let me get this straight: American policy and interventionism in the historically volatile Mideast is bad, but planning and actually blowing up and shooting Jews is OK, plus Saddam should have continued filling mass graves with Shi’ite civilians and dissidents because it’s America that poses the biggest danger to world peace?  Right.

And how did this clown ever become President?


4 Responses to “Despite Outcry, Jimmah Set to Visit Hamas Leader”

  1. Ben Keeler said

    This guy is a total disgrace.

  2. Chris said

    Libs apparently go crazy when a Conservative or Republican wipes the floor with them in an election. Cases in point: Algore (remember his “foaming at the mouth 2004 speech” at NYU) Lurch/John Kerry (his comment about “American troops terrorizing Iraqi citizens in the dark of night” comes to mind) and Jimmah. Actually, Jimmah was crazy when he was president and THANK GOODNESS he’s not president anymore! Every time Jimmah opens his mouth, Mrs. Gutfeld’s comments on RedEye (which AoR has touched on in the past) come to mind.

    And no matter what anyone said about his performance, Rich Little did a GREAT Jimmah impression (skip ahead to about 16:30) last year at the White House Correspondents’ dinner

  3. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET said

    For those who were on Active Duty during the carter administration, he screwed us then and he will do everything he can to screw us now.

  4. ed sacks said

    God forbid someone in the GOP meets with a Pat Robertson or Bob Jones
    University! They haven’t killed anyone.

    But Hamas tries daily to do just that!! They are killer organization.
    So my nominee for the Neville Chamberlain for peace in our time
    goes to James Earl Carter…. Who is bought and sold by the Saudi
    government. By the way the Obama gang have the Carter foreign policy team which is a disgrace.

    Barack was a semifinalist for the Chamberlain award… he just
    held the office yet and hopefully he won’t.

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