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One Can Dream: The Democrats’ Brokered Convention

Posted by Mike on April 16, 2008

Lawrence O’Donnell, yes that Lawrence O’Donnell, has written a pretty interesting fictional account about the upcoming Democrat National Convention. It reads as the scenario Rush is hoping to create with Operation Chaos and is something you actually wouldn’t put past these people.  The Democrat primary almost certainly won’t end the way O’Donnell imagines, but one can always dream.  In any event, O’Donnell’s account is probably an accurate description of what is currently happening behind the scenes so I say grab the popcorn anyway.

For the record, I still oppose Operation Chaos because She Who Must Not Be Named’s White House dream needs to end. That said, it is fun to watch.

HT: Ann Coulter


One Response to “One Can Dream: The Democrats’ Brokered Convention”

  1. Ryan said

    Interesting piece of fiction. It’s completely obvious it was written by a Lib like O’Donnell: the language, the cynicism, the presumptive intrigue, the hope of Algore, and of course the obligatory gay sex.

    I did like how it ended, though.

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