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Why Rick Santorum Wants You to Vote For McCain

Posted by Ryan on April 21, 2008

The Philadelphia Inquirer posted this editorial by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum which articulates as well as I’ve heard thus far the reasons why Conservatives should come out to vote for McCain. 

Of course, true conservatives have some reservations about John McCain because of his stands on some of the issues and his obstruction over the last seven years.  Santorum argues that the primaries are when one needs to be honest about philosophy and direction, and the people got a chance to vote — and they voted for McCain.  Plus, he notes the Reagan Axiom that “someone you agree with 80% of the time is still your friend.”  Conservatives lost the battle for a pure-blood at the top of the ticket, but things will be a lot worse if either She Who Must Not Be named or Obama get into the White House. 

Plus, with the potential that idealistic, yet ignorant, young people show up in droves to vote for someone they know nothing about past “Change” and “Hope” means that the base needs to show up to prevent a potential electoral and demographic disaster.

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