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She Who Must Not Be Named Wins Pennsylvania Primary

Posted by Mike on April 22, 2008

We don’t know her margin of victory; we don’t know how many delegates she will win; but we do know that She Who Must Not Be Named has won the Pennsylvania primary. The Democrat primary will continue and Operation Chaos continues.

Many conservatives are happy about tonight’s result precisely because of the chaos it is causing. I understand this point of view because I’m also enjoying it. However, we need to remember the big picture. Every day Operation Chaos continues is another day SWMNBN’s political career survives. Not only that, the closer this primary becomes, the stronger her case for 2012 becomes.

Let’s face it, Barack Obama has an uphill climb in November, and 2012 is the witch’s last shot. Keeping her in the game now keeps her in the game for 2012. Let’s be careful what we wish for.

Reuters photo

UPDATE (10:19 P.M.) At this point, she is up by 8 points. The worst she can do tonight is to win Pennsylvania, comfortably.

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How To Defend The Culture of Death: Call It Art

Posted by Mike on April 22, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI was 100 percent correct when he recently stood up for the sanctity of every human life, born and unborn, during the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium.  Any society that can cavalierly destroy God’s precious gift is contrary to our nature, and as such, a society that fails to respect human life is a sick society.

Fortunately, the strength of America’s pro-life movement, as evidenced by the spontaneous applause Benedict received at Yankee Stadium after defending the unborn as well as the success of pro-life candidates at the national level, gives me hope that all is not lost for our country.  That said, much work needs to be done.  Western Civilization is ill in terms of respecting life.

At a time when western civilization devalues life, this act of cruelty exhibited by Guillermo Vargas in his now-infamous “art” exhibit is hardly surprising.  In fact, it is symptomatic of a sick culture.  For those of you unfamiliar with what this scumbag did, Vargas tethered a dog, Natividad, to a wall and starved it to death while a bunch of voyeuristic freaks oohed and aahed.  Nicaraguan authorities, rather than being outraged, classified the cruelty as “art.”

Indefensible acts are often described as art.  In this sense, Vargas’ cruelty is nothing new.  However, this is an example that some in the art world are regressing from offensive to evil.  When hearing about incidents like this one, I am outraged, but I’m also glad that we have had popes like John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  In fact, I’m hopeful that they arrived just in the nick of time.

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Pennsylvania Mania!

Posted by Ryan on April 22, 2008

So the day has finally arrived!

After all the talk, punditry, ads, speculation, name-calling, race-baiting, and truth-telling the people are finally going to decide the fate of the Democrat race for President!

I hope “Operation Chaos” comes through today because if She Who Must Not Be Named wins by a decent enough margin, that will harm Obama big-time: he has spent six weeks and millions of dollars trying to get women and white men to vote for him in PA, a swing state.  Even if he loses by a little bit, it will be very telling about his prospects for the Fall campaign.  He should be kicking SWMNBN to the curb, but it’s not happening, even amongst Dems!  Where’s the MSM on that one?

Nonetheless, the polls only opened at 7am, so there’s still all day to speculate.  I’m pushing for “Operation Chaos” success and a prolonged Democrat Primary going all the way to the Convention!

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