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How To Defend The Culture of Death: Call It Art

Posted by Mike on April 22, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI was 100 percent correct when he recently stood up for the sanctity of every human life, born and unborn, during the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium.  Any society that can cavalierly destroy God’s precious gift is contrary to our nature, and as such, a society that fails to respect human life is a sick society.

Fortunately, the strength of America’s pro-life movement, as evidenced by the spontaneous applause Benedict received at Yankee Stadium after defending the unborn as well as the success of pro-life candidates at the national level, gives me hope that all is not lost for our country.  That said, much work needs to be done.  Western Civilization is ill in terms of respecting life.

At a time when western civilization devalues life, this act of cruelty exhibited by Guillermo Vargas in his now-infamous “art” exhibit is hardly surprising.  In fact, it is symptomatic of a sick culture.  For those of you unfamiliar with what this scumbag did, Vargas tethered a dog, Natividad, to a wall and starved it to death while a bunch of voyeuristic freaks oohed and aahed.  Nicaraguan authorities, rather than being outraged, classified the cruelty as “art.”

Indefensible acts are often described as art.  In this sense, Vargas’ cruelty is nothing new.  However, this is an example that some in the art world are regressing from offensive to evil.  When hearing about incidents like this one, I am outraged, but I’m also glad that we have had popes like John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  In fact, I’m hopeful that they arrived just in the nick of time.

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