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Don’t Stop the NCGOP Ad!

Posted by Ryan on April 25, 2008

I know I’m going to disagree with John McCain more times than my conscience will like, but he needs to back off this one. The North Carolina Republican Party is trying to paint a Barack Obama out of touch with mainstream North Carolinians by citing Obama’s close relationship to the crazy Reverend Wright.

Here’s the ad which is causing all sorts of stress for the GOP right now:

John McCain calls the NCGOP as “out of touch” for airing such an ad.  It’s not out of touch, it’s a decent ad which highlights real voter concerns in a local election.  For McCain to come out before the MSM to condemn this ad, he’s adding unnecessary friction within the GOP at a time when we need to sit back and enjoy the other side’s breakdown.  Obama’s people are already painting this as McCain’s inability to control his own peeps.  Unfortunately, I’m sure this will not be the last time parts of the GOP clash with McCain this year in such a fashion. 

One Response to “Don’t Stop the NCGOP Ad!”

  1. Chris said

    Sadly, McCain has his head in the sand. This ad is nothing compared with the veracity of the Dem/Driveby attack machine that will be set on him once the Uncivil War ends and they decide on a candidate. His thinking is that if he’s nice to them, they will be nice to him…and he couldn’t be more wrong esepcially since he is the one standing in between a Democrat and the act of gaining power.

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