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Obama Talks to Chris Wallace

Posted by Ryan on April 27, 2008

Until this morning, Obama has ducked Fox News for the entire campaign and WOW! was my B.S.-o-meter on overdrive!

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Barack Obama showed himself to be an articulate, yet condescending liberal elitist trying to sound human who revealed that he knows nothing about the challenges of globalization, tax policy, or foreign policy.  Chris Wallace did an OK job trying to bring up important issues like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, being “bi-partisan,” the problems with real blue collar folks, etc., but didn’t push specifics out of him enough (which will bite Obama in the general).

One can see his appeal as an articulate person who seems to believe what he says, it’s just what he says that makes no sense to anyone who either lived through or has read about the Carter Administration.  He offers nothing new, just old school class warfare and ignorant foreign policy, reminiscent of Jimmah’s tenure.  It’s kind of scary that so many young skulls-full-of-mush are buying into this old school failed bilge.

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