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Obama Talks to Chris Wallace

Posted by Ryan on April 27, 2008

Until this morning, Obama has ducked Fox News for the entire campaign and WOW! was my B.S.-o-meter on overdrive!

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Barack Obama showed himself to be an articulate, yet condescending liberal elitist trying to sound human who revealed that he knows nothing about the challenges of globalization, tax policy, or foreign policy.  Chris Wallace did an OK job trying to bring up important issues like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, being “bi-partisan,” the problems with real blue collar folks, etc., but didn’t push specifics out of him enough (which will bite Obama in the general).

One can see his appeal as an articulate person who seems to believe what he says, it’s just what he says that makes no sense to anyone who either lived through or has read about the Carter Administration.  He offers nothing new, just old school class warfare and ignorant foreign policy, reminiscent of Jimmah’s tenure.  It’s kind of scary that so many young skulls-full-of-mush are buying into this old school failed bilge.

4 Responses to “Obama Talks to Chris Wallace”

  1. ankit said

    Amusing. It is no wonder that America had to suffer George Bush if the important issues are “Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, being “bi-partisan”.

    Looks like we have not hit bottom in this country, yet 🙂

  2. huntingdonpost said

    That is pretty funny about the important issues…I agree with the statement that Obama’s ideas are just “old school class warfare.” It’s as if the last theory he learned in college and law school is all he’s ever going to learn, and Marxist historical theory was popular then. It doesn’t play well in politics, where Marx is more associated with totalitarian regimes, even if that’s not what his theory advocated. On energy, foreign policy, health care, he has policies that are unformed and leaning less towards Carter than Earl Butz and Henry Kissinger.

  3. Mike said

    Reverend Wright actually is an important issue because the Pastor provides an insight into Obama’s worldview, a worldview that directly influences his policies. Like Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Obama has a worldview that looks down on people. That is a worldview that allows Wright to say “God damn America” and that white rich people are a problem.

    It is a worldview that allows Obama to fundamentally misunderstand religious people and those who like to own guns. It is a worldview that thinks people cannot accomplish anything without the government handing it to them. It is a worldview that thinks people are too unsophisticated to spend their own hard-earned dollars. It is a worldview that honestly believes people are so incapable of overcoming life’s obstacles that a doctor and a woman should have the legal right to murder their unborn child in the womb at any stage of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever by any barbaric method imaginable, even by partial birth abortion.

    Reverend Wright is merely symptomatic of Obama’s worldview, one that doesn’t trust people and breeds left-wing policies that misunderstand human nature and ignore human dignity.

    As far as Ayres, if being friendly with a terrorist who openly admits that he wishes he could have done MORE than bombing the Pentagon doesn’t bother you, then I don’t know what there is to say.

  4. Ryan said

    I mentioned those “important” issues because, as Mike noted, these kinds of things let us see the unscripted Obama, the one that will be woken up at 3am, that will experience the hubris of the First Hundred Days, the real president-to-be.

    With he and the Witch being nearly idenitcal on the issues, his version of the same leftist dribble coated in articulate sound bites is not truly what we need to learn about Obama in an interview or in a debate. It’s the other intangible things, the unscripted moments. Basically, the job the MSM did not do over the last 14 months since he jumped into this thing: vetting him.

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