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John McCain: Heroic In More Ways Than One

Posted by Mike on April 30, 2008

One thing I learned about war heroes when I was a child is that not many of them like to talk about their experiences. As I became interested in politics, I noticed that this tendency held true, which was surprising since politicians are supposed to enjoy talking about themselves. One politician in particular, Bob Dole, was a walking example of the true hero who did not frequently speak of his noble sacrifices. People like Dole and those other war heroes deserve that accolade not only for the immeasurable sacrifices they made for their country during wartime, but also for the dignity with which they carry themselves when they refuse to talk about those sacrifices despite clearly earning the right to do so.

John McCain is a walking example of this model. Obviously he speaks of his P.O.W. experience to some degree. As a Presidential candidate, he is expected to provide some biographical information and questions about his sacrifices are bound to come up. Like the war heroes who came before him however, McCain carries himself with dignity, which also displays strength of character. Despite following politics extremely closely for half of my life young? life now, I never heard this story about John McCain despite the Senator having countless opportunities to tell everyone about it.

I don’t agree with everything John McCain stands for, but I am delighted that America has its first opportunity in 12 years to elect a war hero to the Presidency. Hopefully we’ll do it this time.

AP photo via the WSJ link

3 Responses to “John McCain: Heroic In More Ways Than One”

  1. Ryan said

    Wow. That is really insightful into McCain’s character since I also hae never heard those things about him in the prison camp.

    Also, many people are not aware that his son is a Marine in Iraq.

  2. rightonoz said

    Sheds a new light on him.

    I am certain if the American public knew more of this, he would win easily.

    He’s so good he could almost be Australian!

  3. Chris said

    I am very impressed by this article and McCain’s character and service in the military. I just wish he would act like a Conservative and not tick them off. If he can get the base of the party out, we may very well be looking at a redo of 1972 and 1984.

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