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Questioning Evolution in Schools

Posted by Ryan on May 1, 2008

Thank God I teach a non-controversial subject History/Social Studies to high school kids, otherwise I’d have to tackle really tough issues like evolution… 

Oh wait a minute, Charles Darwin and the Scopes Trial are both in my curriculum!  Uh oh! 

Anyway, in the latest round of the evolution debate as it relates to the Culture War in schools there is an effort by Michigan and Florida legislators to avoid the illegal realm of “creationism” and “intelligent design,” by simply encouraging teachers to “cast doubt” on the theory of evolution in class discussion. 

You mean, actually encourage critical thinking in our students?  Egads!  I know this will bother some as backdoor intelligent design, but get a grip!  If evolution is so settled in science, then why not let it stand up to intellectual competition amongst secondary school kids? 

You know my opinion:  I think evolution happens, but Darwinism is kooky.  I think separating Darwin from other evolution theories (scientific or not) is helpful in exposing our kids to a broader view of science and possibility.

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