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An Early Wake Up Call For Republicans

Posted by Ryan on May 6, 2008

Newt Gingrich issued this “wake up call” to national Republicans in an attempt to prevent electoral disaster this Fall.  Newt makes a series of great points in this article (even a shout-out to Boris Johnson!) about the impending train-wreck, but also offers 9 solutions to the Republican conundrum facing the party this Fall. 

I believe that if Republicans do not heed the call, we could be looking at 1974 (in Congressional races) and 1976 (in the presidential race) all in one cycle!  OK, those elections gave us Jimmah Carter and hurt the Dems in the long-run… however, American still got a Jimmah Carter and had to dredge through those horrible times.  Obama (the likely nominee for the Dems) is potentially the new Jimmah Carter for this nation (he’s practically running on the same shallow populist bilge).

If we had a formula to avoid it in 1976, I think the Republicans would have taken it.  Newt’s ideas are bold, positive and immediately doable; we might just have a formula for victory this Fall!

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