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Cherie Blair’s Take On Tony and Gordon

Posted by Mike on May 11, 2008

It’s funny how bias can work.  Back when Tony Blair was a slick socialist in the mode of Bill Clinton posing a threat to John Major, I thought Cherie Blair was an insufferable *itch.  After what Tony Blair did for the U.S. and the civilized world against a terrorist-harboring regime however, I now find Cherie to be delightful.  At least I admit my bias though.

Last week, she provided a hilarious sneak preview of her memoirs.

One Response to “Cherie Blair’s Take On Tony and Gordon”

  1. Well said. Me too!

    The press in my country, the UK, helped destroy her husband – probably the best Prime Minister we have had for half a century. And along the way they did the same with her.

    The liberal intelligentsia press are now running around like headless chickens. They deserve the mess that is now Gordon Brown’s “government”. Sadly, the rest of us too are stuck with this crowd of useless incompetents.

    And largely because the press didn’t approve of Blair’s actions on Iraq. FOOLS!

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