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Matt Walsh and Spygate

Posted by Ryan on May 13, 2008

The former New England Patriots’ scout, Matt Walsh, handed over eight more tapes related to the Spygate scandal which followed the Pats near-perfect run last season, leading to that karmic smackdown called Super Bowl XLII. 

As a wounded Patriots fan, more tapes mean more pain, however I was elated to hear that no Super Bowl tapes were part of Walsh’s collection.  That would have permanently tainted the Brady-era for myself, most sensible fans and foes.   

I’d like to think that all of this is mostly behind us now as a dark moment in Pats history, but every single game played in New York is going to have spirited chants mocking the Pats, from easy ones like “Cheaters Never Win” to “18-1” to a host of other things I’m sure that Jets fans will concoct.

Kurt Snible cartoon from

2 Responses to “Matt Walsh and Spygate”

  1. Mike said

    “I was elated to hear that no Super Bowl tapes were part of Walsh’s collection. . .” You forgot the last and most important part of that sentence, which is “from an NFL Commissioner who viewed the tapes behind closed doors for no one to see.” Of course the Commissioner whose interested in avoiding his league’s reputation descending to that of the WWE, NBA, or CBS News would say that after refusing to show the world what the evidence was.

    As for your factual error, Jets fans did not concoct “Cheaters Never Win.” The “Cheaters” part was “concocted” by the Patriots themselves when they, um, cheated. The “Never Win” and “18-1” parts were “concocted” by that other New York team, the Giants.

    Face facts. Your team cheated, got caught, and still couldn’t play their way into history. Unless pathetic is now historic.

  2. Ben K said

    The Patriots are cheaters and I am glad they lost the Super Bowl.

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