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John Edwards Boldly Endorses Obama

Posted by Mike on May 14, 2008

Not that we needed any more proof that the race for the Democrat Party nomination is over, but if this doesn’t scare She Who Must Not Be Named’s death eaters into thinking that she can’t win this year, then nothing will. For months now, Democrats have wondered which candidate John Edwards would endorse despite the fact the answer was obvious. He was waiting for the race to be over in name only, so he could endorse whoever won; and now he has.

Reuters photo


One Response to “John Edwards Boldly Endorses Obama”

  1. Ryan said

    To parrot a phrase I’ve been hearing all day: This was “no profile in courage” for John Edwards. I think he’s been angling for an Attorney General position whichever Dem won this uncivil rat race. He already knows the kind of sway he’d have as a Veep… none.

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