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Obama: Gaffing His Way to the White House

Posted by Ryan on May 27, 2008

The blogosphere is buzzing with news and facts about Barack Obama’s own statements that would have destroyed any Republican or She Who Must Not Be Named. 

Malkin’s got great coverage of the most recent one:  that Barry’s uncle was one of the first on the scene to liberate Auschwitz.  I knew Obama had communist tendencies, but if his uncle really was in that first wave into Auschwitz, Poland, back in World War II, he would have been a Soviet!  Perhaps Obama was ducking sniper fire while giving that statement. 

Quayle couldn’t spell potato and was crucified, Dubya’s misunderestimated the OBGYN’s love for their patients became a constant gaffe theme, but Obama’s the second coming.  Similar little gaffes would have destroyed other candidates or permanently altered how we think about them. 

I think this will be one of those growing stories from behind the scenes that everyone will be talking about, which will finally get the MSM to report it in a few weeks or months. 

5 Responses to “Obama: Gaffing His Way to the White House”

  1. Chris said

    One of my favorites is that he doesn’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day . That says a lot about what Obama thinks about our brave troops who are giving of themselves to serve our country.

  2. Two Dogs said

    Ryan, here’s the real story behind his comments, his mother was an ONLY child, he doesn’t have an American uncle. He has only Kenyan uncles. Get the word out.

  3. Ben K said

    He can pretty much say whatever because he knows no MSM types will call him out on it.

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  5. ryenotzinger said

    Chris: It’s even worse! He has no clue and NEVER will. This man didn’t set foot on US Mainland soil until he was 18 years old. HOW CAN HE EVER RELATE TO THIS COUNTRY? HE IS A POSEUR!

    He simply cannot relate to McDonald’s, or Halloween parties, or hanging out at the mall, or new clothes on Easter Sunday, or any of the things that “normal” kids relate to. He was raised in a Madrasa in Indonesia, in his formative years. He was used to running barefoot in 90 degree heat and playing with enormous cockroaches!

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