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She Who Must Not Be Named Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Posted by Mike on June 1, 2008

Add Puerto Rico to the growing list of Democrat constituencies to fact express buyers’ remorse over the nomination of Barack Obama. Earlier today, She Who Must Not Be Named defeated the Empty Suit on the island despite the fact that Obama is the presumptive Democrat nominee. Luckily for Obama, it appears that he may at least do better than he did in West Virginia. At the moment, he is only trailing SWMNBN by the narrow margin of 34 points. Maybe the Democrats can unite their party after all.

Reuters photo


One Response to “She Who Must Not Be Named Wins Puerto Rico Primary”

  1. Ryan said

    It’s funny how SWMNBN keeps winning (5 of the last 7 primary contests since she was supposed to drop out). The exit polling show that SWMNBN even won “change” voters this time (only Arizona and West Virginia “cahnge” voters chose her). Buyer’s remorse indeed! More of a need for her to fight on through Tuesday, confront the credentials committee and make this a summer to remember!

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