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Are Liberals More Likely to Lie?

Posted by Ryan on June 2, 2008

So says Peter Schweizer in this article from the New York Examiner.  The studies cited do not talk about politician’s honest, but regular people like you and me.  Time after time, self-described liberals tend to be a bit more dishonest in their everyday comings and goings than self-described conservatives. 

Where Schweizer does bring this into politics is towards the end of the article.  Both Obama and She Who Must Not Be Named say that 1960s radical Saul Alinsky influenced them.  Schweizer writes these Democrat’s admitted philosophical mentor, Alinsky, once noted that:

“The effective political advocate ‘doesn’t have a fixed truth; truth to him is relative and changing, everything to him is relative and changing. He is a political relativist.'”

Then Schweizer goes on:

“During this political season, honesty is often in short supply. But at least we can improve things by accepting the idea that truth and honesty exist. As the late scholar Sidney Hook put it, ‘the easiest rationalization for the refusal to seek the truth is the denial that truth exists.'”

Very insightful into both of these candidates.

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