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The Democrat Race… as of Right Now

Posted by Ryan on June 3, 2008

Barack Obama is on the verge of officially claiming victory over She Who Must Not Be Named. 

This morning MSNBC was reporting that insiders believed SWMNBN was going to effectively drop out tonight.  Then, denials from the campaign.  No shock from NBC, the media wing of Obama’s campaign, for running with the rumors.

Later today, talk of a possible Veep deal.

That’s about where we are as of this hour: she’s out… no she’s still in yet possibly entertaining Obama’s Veep if offered. 

Predictably, Obama’s likely to win Montana and South Dakota today and with the flood of superdelegates, grab the appropriate numbers for the nomination.

Finally this:  Jimmah Carter’s gonna endorse Obama.  Whoopee!  Can’t wait to watch all the new craziness go down tonight!

AP photo.


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